Here are some cool links.

My Portfolio on Issuu

Other work on Issuu

More art/photography on my Flickr

The site is all class if you want to check some great bicycle culture check out Elcyclista. Then check this interview.

I don’t know who Velorunner is, but I think his site is really cool. Here’s another one.

These guys are so great. If you’re in Burlington Vermont and you need your bike fixed talk to the guys at Old Spokes Home.

Culture Cycles Link

Burlington Vermont is a great town (really it’s a city, but I don’t like to call it that), and if you’re in Burlington and you want to know what’s happening check out Seven Days. I really cant say enough good things about them. Plus I’m always honored to do illustration work for them.

Last but not least I love this place. I have a special place in my heart for them. They were the first team I raced bikes for and they are the last place I will race bikes for. I’m an Onion.

Great Gallery in Rochester,  VT. Bigtown Gallery